Hiring Modelers, And a scripter For are restaurant and are training center! UI Designer {COMING} {SOON}

Hi, There! I am Power, and we Are hiring a development team! For are restaurant and are restaurants, training center, also. And we kinda don’t need Scripters to do any projects, but we do have one for them to do though!

About Us

Hi there! We are Frenches American Restaurant team! We are a restaurant community, And we are hiring a development, Team! To help us with our Restaurants, training center, and the restaurant. And we kinda don’t need a scripter, at this moment but we could hire one though, for 1 other project for our hotel! If you chose to accept it!

The Team
@ 24Nick_42 - Scripter
@Kisferenc#3181- Modeler
@username - Modeler

[UI Designer] [COMING] [SOON]

About The Job

We are looking for a professional modeler, to join our team! And we do have 1project for you modelers, at our restaurant. if you chose to accept it!

Modeler job

We will have you to do some Models, on our Restaurant.

Just an update! Our scripter and modeler job are full for now! Two, people on those both projects, are working on modeling and scripting the projects, so we will have a UI designer soon! Once The modeler, does the project! Once it’s done! We’ll, open the UI designer, and We will do part 2 on the project on my restaurant! And once, The Scripter Finishes, Our ”project”! We’ll open our GFX designer, for hire! Just one though, but we’ll need a couple days to open it! Once the scripter, has finished the scripting project! And we suspect the scripting project, will be done before the modeling, project does.

Scripter job

There’s only 1 project, for the Scripters to do.

And, We will do the best that we can to pay you all! It might take a few days, but we will sure to help you all! Get payed for doing our work projects,

The scripter job is now full! Apologize, but you could still work with us! On our restaurant team dm, me on my discord about it! And I’ll see.


We will be offering a price, to pay you all! That is working with us, on our Restaurant Team! And we will decide on a price and we will accept to pay on: Robux|Donation bc it’s much more easier for us! To, Pay you on. And please [NOTE] That Scripters might be payed more. Like 900 or 1k we would recommend 900 possibly.

Contact Us

You can contact us on via Discord: joshgamer11009#7318 And the devfourm replies, have been locked I am so sorry, For any inconveniences! Needed. And I would recommend friending me on the via discord first.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

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