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About Us

Hi there! My name is LuaBearyGood I’m a programmer, game designer and investor and i’m making a game that is similar to horrific housing / plates of fate!

About The Job

I am looking for a builder to build a map which is highly interactive and can easily keep users entertained for periods of time extending up to 10 mins, This should also provide an area for plates to spawn in a 3x3 arrangement while being easily viewable from the lobby.
This should include things like obbies and small mini games in addition to a few physics driven entertained mechanisms for example a football.

I am looking for a modeller to create destroyable houses consisting of around 30-100 parts each, with a degree of an interior. These houses must not excess the 100 part limit since it would simply be too laggy to be used in a volatile and physics based environment, however it must also be realistic to a degree. Im willing to discuss the viability of these requirements with candidates since im no 3D design artist. About 10 of these houses will be needed. The houses should be 25x25 in length and width.

EVERYTHING IN BOTH JOBS MUST BE AS LOW POLY AS POSSIBLE, once again this game can be very physics driven at times so working to minimise loss of performance is a real must

Everything should be constructed in blender / another 3D modelling software then constructed in studio

For both jobs id like to discuss ideas of the aspects to a degree with your creative and professional input being required.


For the map, depending on factors such as size (since this I am willing to discuss with you and consider your suggestions) i’m thinking 10-40k in lump sum.

For the houses I’m thinking 2-5k a house bearing in mind you must complete at least half of the houses required. however candidates who can complete all 10 and/or will be available for additional houses in the future will be preferred.

Contact Us

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum

For role of builder a link to portfolio is a necessity, for role of modeller I ideally want a demo house which fits the criteria in this post, if you don’t have one made or a build similar to the criteria I will ask for a demo to be made.



Hello @LuaBearyGood, I’m interested in the builder position.
Here’s my portfolio.
[Closed] JustOneOfTheKind: Builder - Modeler 3D - GUI Designer - Animator


Thanks for the application!
Unfortunately the builds provided don’t really suit the style i’m going for, but thats partially my fault for not stating I want it meshes based.

Thanks for your time tho!

Any chance that you have disrcord?

I do! However do note Im only giving It out after im seriously considering your application to make it more manageable.

Putting modeller job on hold since someone who I think is perfect for the role applied.

Builder still open.

Hi sir im interested contact me in discord: ZeXelDev#8308 and twitter : @zexeldev

(TurtleDeveloping) Commisions Open! Builder/3D Modeller/Terrain Designer/UI Designer And Much More! Interested.

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