[HIRING] Multiple Vacancies || Long Term

About Us

Greetings and Salutations! I am Maes, co-owner of Heatwave, a sci-fi vehicular combat game, the game concept will be provided below. At the moment, we are looking for developers with the following skillset:

  • Building (we need a backup builder to assist our lead builder)
  • User Interface (UI) Design
  • 3D Modeling (primarily for weapons and vehicles)

The Current Line-Up:

@littletiger1742 - Owner and Builder
@Maestrius - Graphics Artist
@BigBobTheFourth - Lead Builder and Scripter
@Astral_Eyes - Audio Composer
@VACANT - Backup Builder (0/1)
@Red1Monster - Modeler (0/1)
@MrDogMusic - UI Designer (0/1)

Game Details

Based in a Sci-Fi World, Heatwave is a Competitive Vehicle-Shooter Game. You must race to the finish line before anyone else does. To aid you in that, you have been provided with weapons to eliminate other competitors (they will respawn at a designated checkpoint). As you progress into the game, you earn tokens to purchase more vehicles and attachments.

The game modes go as follows:

  • Solos (Free for fall!)
  • Duos (Help each other!)
  • Pass the King (The longer you are in First Place, the more points you have, these points are then translated into EXP and In-Game Currency)

About The Job

We are looking for professional developers to suit our game’s needs. We require about 2 hours of work a day, excluding weekends.


Payment for each role will be stipulated below:

  • Backup Builder - 12%
  • Modeler - 15%
  • UI Designer - 10%

Contact Us

Our contact information is provided below, you may use any of the provided. Concerns are to be directed to @littletiger1742, as he is the Overall head of the project. Please make sure to supply past work when contacting us.

  • Twitter: @MaestriusRBX
  • Discord: Maestrius#6181
  • Discord: Hdem_bois#1234

We hope to be able to work with you. For the time being, thank you and have a good day.


If you don’t find any other modelers, i’d like to apply, but i don’t take percentage pay.

Discord : Red1Monster#3623

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