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Hello! I’m intrested in making some 3d models for you if possible. Your discord tag did not work for me, so if you could friend me that would be great :slight_smile:. @RainbowStachio@2072

Hooya!, i’m a builder and also simple map builder

Discord: -Alijandro#0807

Sorry nevermind actually :frowning:

Hooyah!, I would be interested to be a builder i’m a simple map builder

Discord: -Alijandro#0807

I tried the discord link but it didn’t work. If you could contact me on Crade#7676

Hey! if you need a Programmer/Scripter that has experience please do have a look at my portfolio here…

Note: I do have more examples if you would like to see dm me in my discord!
Discord: X&X(Flenvemi)#2441


Hello! Can you drop your discord or twitter

I’m making a sword fighting arena unfinished big arena.

Hello, would be interested as being a builder! :slight_smile:

I could make a maze or sword fight, like Flamingo. I have no examples though cos my computer was wiped from a virus.

Hi I’m aguilarrover a builder for almost 3 years
These are my recent works

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Here’s my discord:aguillarrover#0037

Hi! I am very much interested and would like to work with you. I may not look like it, but I am also very capable in your preferred building style.

Here is my portfolio and my contact is in it as well:

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Hello, I am very interested, I am going to send you a photo in dm of the forum, why it is from a secret project,

I can help build @Trimety#8551

Hey, your Discord doesn’t seem to be working. I am interested in composing for you.
The Ancient One#2631

Still hiring? we can talk on cord :slight_smile: Arc#.2777

Hello! I specialise in 3D modelling and building. Please contact me on discord: Blacc#9878

I addded you (Anxtonio#2861) 30char

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