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Our Group

Greetings! Omega Craft is currently looking for a selection of new developers to join our team. We are currently in progress of a new low-poly Halloween related project that we hope to release in the coming weeks, however we do need members in order to do so.

OmegaCraft Team
@Maddqy ~ Owner + Builder
@Sunnqy ~ Co-Owner
@CrazyCorrs ~ Scripter


We are currently seeking for the following professional developers:

  • Music composers
  • Animators
  • Modelers
  • UI Artists

In order to fit any of these standards, you must have at least 1+ year of experience in the following field, have a portfolio and/or examples of your work, 16+ years of age, have worked in other similar groups or projects, and have the ability to communicate in a clear matter.

We expect our developers to be on task and finish projects within a suitable amount of time, you should not have multiple projects while in our group, and have the right amount of dedication and creativity to help contribute to the group. The following jobs are expected:

  • Modeling shop items for projects
  • Creating in game UIs that are well scripted
  • Modeling objects that requires use of a program such as Blender
  • Scripting in depth gameplay, requiring a large amount of experience
  • Creating sound effects for gameplay and game surroundings
  • Animating movement and gameplay


Payment is currently unclear although we are working towards the great amount of funds that we may gain from our upcoming game release. If all goes not to plan, back-up funds will be given depending on how much work you did for the group.

Contact Details

Discord: Madi#6343

  • You must have Discord in order to apply too.

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