[HIRING] PolyBite Games

PolyBite Games hiring for low poly Adventure-Puzzle Game

About Us

Hi developers! PolyBite Games is now hiring some developers for make a cool game, we’re currently 2, me as builder and ui designer and another one mate as very skilled scripter

The Team
@DraftingTurtle9753 - Skilled Scripter
@bobsniy - UI and Builds
@CouldBeYou - Builder
@CouldBeYou - Modeller
@CouldBeYou - Builder and Modeller

About The Job

We’re looking for very skiller low poly builder(s), can do that type of style
[/details"Style Examples"]
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Contact Us

Sythm#1504 - bobsniy
Charl9753#5898 - DraftingTurtle

that’s a chance for make a very cool adventure game
Payment will be 30% each one (10% go in group funds for future projects)
Don’t worry about advertisment of the game and other things, that’s my work.

PolyBite Games have no limits!

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

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