[HIRING] Professional scripter

Contact information:DISCORD kaiit#1907

Game: CESSATION - The Flower Within MILES
Also, CESSATION part 2 if the scripter wants to make extra money.

Payment: 1-5k per TWO WEEKS.

What mostly will need scripting: UI, GUNS, NPC’s, DIALOGS, click detectors, loading screens, databases, save checkpoints, integrating animations, first person cameras, and more.

Cessation is aimed to be one of ROBLOX’s most advanced story mode games.

Scripter must set this job as a big priority and be able to get at least 4-12 tasks done per two weeks.

Depending on the difficulty which would be determined by me and research along with how many tasks that you do, your Two Week Payment will vary. If you do 5 tasks in two weeks, payment could be 1-3k at the end of two weeks depending on the difficulty of those 5 tasks.

if you get done 6-12 tasks in two weeks, your payment could range 3-5k within those two weeks depending on difficulty.

If you are working slower than usual: getting under the average work done in the two weeks, you could lose your job unless your excuse is accepted. This normally happens when the workers go months into the job

You don’t have to apply here to finish the entire game. if you are here to only commit to a few weeks of tasks to make a certain amount of ROBUX, then let me know and you can be added as a contributor.


By ‘database’ do you mean you want something like a google spreadsheet or to just using DataStorage?

i am interested in scripting. i sent a friend request on discord

Doesn’t seem “Professional”… “click detectors”

i think what she means is just things you click, not specifically using click detectors

Well, I barely know what I am talking about with those things because I’m a builder and I do not work with those but plenty of scripters would understand what I mean since they work with things like that.

It was pretty unnecessary to comment your opinion on how you feel if it’s professional or not.

Oh. You’re a builder… I thought this was a portfolio. Sorry, it was unclear.