Hiring Professional Scripters

About Us

We are a group of people who started a State up called State of Fremont
we currently have a few developers on our team but are needing more help to get our state up and running.

The Team
@Lieutenant_Shepherd - Builder (Founder)
@AtheonsImperator - Scripter
@LeatherneckBoot - Builder
@ClearlyRex - Builder
@TheAposol - Builder
@YoIobeans - Terrain Developer
@ItsByskyWrecker- Terrain Developer

We have started progress on the map but is very slow, if you would like to see some progress pictures please DM me (Lieutenant_Shepherd#6113)

About The Job

We are looking for a couple of Professional Scripters
Scripter will be tasked with making Team Changers, Working Street Lights, Traffic Lights, 911 System, Fire System and many more. (More Information available for people who are interested.) (Sorry for lack of specifics not much of a scripter person)

Our game needs some dedicated scripters who would be willing to help us out. if you are one of them please contact me on Discord.


We have 6,000 R$ as of right now but we can raise the price to your preference.
Scripter - Negotiable Payment

Contact Us

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum or via Discord.


You must be 13 years or older to apply.


I am interested!

I will DM you via. Discord.

50 robux per logo for the artist :confused: Good luck finding a really good artist! But really, you should raise your payments or add a percentage of the game revenue.


I understand how prices are negotiable but I assume when you say:

You are saying, “Starting price is R$50.” This kind of ties into statistics so bare with me.

For anything—your classmates’ grades—price values, any statistic, the range should not be too diverse. Let’s say your classmates’ overall grades where this:

  • Q-1: 55% average
  • Q-3: 89% average

The inter-quartile range would be 89 - 55, which is 34. I kind of calculate a positive range in a similar way of finding the outlier in math; calculate the quartile 1, then calculate the quartile 3 (the quartile 2 aka the median is not of too much importance at this step). Quartile 1 which is 55, multiply it by 1.5, 82.5. We aren’t finding the outlier because we would divide. Once multiplying Q-1 by 1.5, we got 82.5. If the number we got is lower than Q-3, the IQR/range isn’t too positive. In this demonstration, we got lower by a slightly smaller margin. If the statistic can go up to thousands, 5 off isn’t that bad. How to calculate a really positive range is dividing the Q-3 by 1.5, which in this case is 59.3(repeater). Subtract what you got from multiplying Q-1 by 1.5 (82.5) and what you got from dividing Q-3 by 1.5. If what you got is in the range of your highest statistic (not Q-3) divided by one place value less (e.x.: 1,000, one less place value is 100) is in the range of the Q2 aka median you’re good. Basically what I am saying is, what if the highest grade in your class was 100. One place value less than 100 is 10. Now, let’s say my Q2 was 66. Anything between 66+5 (71) and 66-5 (61) is good. So if your range was 71-61 or less you have a positive range.

Basically what I am saying is that if you’re starting at R$50 per GFX logo, then you probably won’t go too much above that, if you want to be in a positive IQR (in this case just range). It wouldn’t be too smart to pay R$50-3,000 because it is such a various range. This keeps you trapped, as if you’re starting at R$50 you cannot go high. In reality you can, but statistically it would be a foolish decision

And the example I gave with someone’s classmates’ grades, the teacher will probably prefer a 55 - 88 instead of a 55 - 89 average, as the range isn’t diverse. My teacher was like that. (This example may not apply in the real world as teachers look for improvement over high grades).

Note: This requires a high level of statistical math to comprehend fully. I was also tired while writing this.


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