Hiring Qa testers and NDA testers!


Hey I am Ghoul a manger at ByteGaurd QA and I am interested on having more members join the team as many of people haven’t and we need more members Hello everyone, and a warm welcome to the ByteGuard QA server! Here, you’ll find all the essential information and everything you need to know about our Quality Assurance processes. “QA stands for Quality Assurance, which is like a safety net for software development. In simpler terms, it’s about making sure things work smoothly and don’t break unexpectedly. On Roblox, it means checking games and features to catch any bugs or issues before they reach players. Think of it as preventing hiccups in the gaming experience and ensuring everything runs as intended. Joining the ByteGuard QA server allows you to contribute to this process, helping make games on Roblox more enjoyable for everyone by identifying and reporting potential problems.” - @HypnosPhilos An obligatory thank you to the former ‘Valiant Community QA Team’. Their contributions have played a crucial role in shaping the success of Roblox QA, and without their efforts, we wouldn’t be where we are today. Twitter Account: x.com Instagram Account: Instagram.com/ByteGuardQA Server Invite: Guilded.gg/ByteGuard-QA Ban Appeal: Here

Rules for the server Please follow the rules below while engaging in conversations on this server. Be respectful of others Do not be rude to other server members or server staff. We will not tolerate offensive comments (or “jokes”) related to gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, mental illness, race, age, etc. Disruptive behavior is not allowed Do not attempt to start arguments or derail other’s conversations. Controversial and religious/political topics are prohibited. English only Due to moderation limitations, we can only allow English. No bypassing of any kind Intentionally bypassing our filter is not allowed. Do not attempt to bypass moderation actions. Moderation decisions are final. Alternative accounts are not allowed. No advertising or self-promotion This covers (but is not limited to) guilded invites, experiences, giveaways, trading/selling, Twitch channels, YouTube channels, etc. Do not promote and avoid discussions of scams, free robux, cryptocurrencies, NFTs, play-to-earn games, etc. Keep it family-friendly NSFW or suggestive material is prohibited. Do not ask for or share personally identifiable information Do not ask for or share the following: age, selfies, or photos of others (excluding public figures), address, phone number, etc. You may be moderated if we believe you are not being safe with your own information or that you are asking for information you should not have. Do not ask for free stuff This includes (but is not limited to) asking for Robux, items, or any other monetary currency. No spamming Avoid repeated or excessive messages. This includes (but is not limited to) pings, embeds, reactions, emoji, CAPS, long posts, copypastas, etc. No impersonation This includes (but is not limited to) impersonation of Roblox Staff, Developers, server staff, Bots, etc. No disruptive voice chat behavior No voice changers, music, SFX, or screaming in voice channels. Do not record voice channels. No mini-modding If you are not server staff, please do not attempt to enforce our rules. Please report issues to us accordingly. Do not post false or misleading information Do not post demonstrably false or misleading information, especially that which may impact public safety or cause harm. Follow the Guilded ToS and Community Guidelines In addition to our own rules you must comply with Guilded’s as well. Terms of Use: Here Community Guidelines: Here Final verdict lies with server staff at all times Server staff will use their own judgement when enforcing our rules. How to Report See a user breaking our rules? Check out #FAQ ⁠ Guilded Terms of Service requires you to be over a minimum age 13 is the minimum age to access Guilded. You will be banned from the server if you are found to not meet age requirements. We are required to, when possible, also report underage users to Guilded in order to comply with COPPA. It is against our rules to ask users for their personal information, including age. Joking about being underage can result in account deletion. App store age ratings are NOT age requirements. Just because Guilded may be rated for a lower age on an app store does not mean you are allowed to use Guilded at said age.

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Hello ı am a tester Hello,. If you need it, we can help for a certain fee (we can discuss the fee) discord:onurtalha