[HIRING] Radio Presenter Simulator is Looking For: Short Term/Long Term Scripter

In a Summary :

Radio Presenter simulator is a UI-Focused Simulation game where the player takes control of a Radio Station, with the choice of selection within Online Radio, and Further into FM Radio! Additionally, we have teamed up with an actual online radio station that broadcasts to thousands of listeners daily to provide the best experience.
Our game is focused on creating an accurate representation on what a radio presenter would do on a day to day basis, however doing this is not easy. Throughout the four stations that are produced in the game, There is dedicated Imaging, or what you may know as “Jingles” uploaded to provide the most immersive experience!

What are we Looking for?

We are looking for one Programmer/Scripter that stands out from the rest to work alongside our game. Due to current worldwide issues, we are being flexible with looking for Short Term or Long Term Programmers, however, Long Term commitments will be a booster. Nonetheless, we are looking for a single ideal candidate with the following attribute(s):

  • Programmer(s)/Scripter(s) with Extensive LUA + UI Knowledge.

Bonus Attributes:

  • Have a Prior Knowledge of the Radio Industry.
  • Have a Prior Knowledge of the Music Industry.
  • Have 3 or more Years of Experience in your Desired Role.

What will you Gain?

  • Over the course of your time working with us, you will be able to build yourself as a character, alongside a team of highly professional work-mates.
  • You will be given a 15% of the income and profits furnished through the game; This is due to future compromise.
  • You will be working alongside multiple Radio Presenters, who can help your knowledge of the industry.

How To Apply?

You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via Discord: RICHIΞ#9265
Alternatively, our Discord Server is a way to contact me: Discord
You must be 16 years or older to apply.

  • You must Send me a Formal application for this role or you will be declined, In which you must apply as if you were for a real job. You are expected to send a detailed response as to why you feel as if you are important for the role, in addition to why you are better than the rest. To conclude you must also give a detailed portfolio of your work.

Thanks for reading! Look forward to hearing your responses! :slight_smile:

Game Teasers:

As our game is running through the developing stages, we are looking for the candidate that is fluent with working within a new layout. You can find sights of what the developement currently looks like within our Discord Server: Discord

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