[HIRING] RB Battles Roblox Event Game Developer Recruitment [CLOSED]

Hey do you need a music composer or a translator?

I’m interested as builder, this is my portfolio:

Hi am a very experienced 3d modeller( 2 years of experience) i work about 13 hours a day at a weekend and 3 hours on a school day each day. I can make assets for your game, maps, and weapons if needed, lastly, i can make pets. In general ama generalist which means i specialise in pretty much anything thrown at me. If you are interested in working with a professional developer/ 3d modeller that gets job done please message me on discord, i also have games that am working on at the moments and in addition, if you message me i will be showing you my portfolio. Thank you and hope to hear from you soon. Discord: TheBlackGOD#9843


Experienced 3D Artist and Builder, really experienced in low-poly cartoony style builds as well as fantasy/sci-fi and decent with other genres as well. Quick and efficient, all models can be unwrapped and painted if the game calls for it, clean models no hidden faces.

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Hmmmmmm Looks Like A Nice Place!

Hey, are you looking for an environmental designer/lighting expert? I can help achieve realism if that is what you are looking for. Here is my portfolio if you are interested, hopefully I hear from you! :slightly_smiling_face:


Just wanted to chime in again to this post to let you all know that we are still looking for scripters and just edited the original post to add that we are now also looking for a solid animator who can go into studio and bring multiple things to life in the game. For both of these things (scripting and animating) we will pay per task (so there is potential to earn a lot in a short time if you are quick and accurate with your developing) and there’s potential working with us long term on this game for percentage. Please reply with examples of past work if you are interested! Thank you!


@DJMonopoli My past work, and payment and what I can do and I have had 2 years + experience. Job as a Scripter - #29 by rayyanhussai_dev

Here is my scripting game, check it out if interested.

Hello i am sci fi builder :smiley:
worked on Epic minigames, speed race and other roblox games
Discord ItsJaku#8933
examples in reply




If you would like a builder, I’m definitely available! My Twitter is AvidAlex1 and here are the links to some of my work:

  1. Coolmath Games Hangout! - Roblox
  2. Cool Math Obby - Roblox

These games don’t show my greatest potential and are still being worked on, but they’re recent projects I’ve been creating for Coolmath Games! Thanks for considering me.

Hey, these are great builds! How long does it generally take for you to build the examples you provided? :smiley:


Well Depends on the project!
Normally a small map takes a few days but a bigger one it will take a week or so :smiley:
Most of the maps above took 2-3 days


Hey! I would love to be a programmer. However, may I ask if you require a microphone for VC and if VC is required? Thanks!

Are you by any chance looking for music composers?

Hey! I’ve been a scripter for 5 years now and have a few successful games as well.


Discord: OutlookG#7714

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Hello @DJMonopoli! I am interested in fulfilling the builder position if it is still open. Here is my portfolio.

I am interested in animating for RB Battles.