[HIRING] RB Battles Roblox Event Game Developer Recruitment [CLOSED]

Well Depends on the project!
Normally a small map takes a few days but a bigger one it will take a week or so :smiley:
Most of the maps above took 2-3 days


Hey! I would love to be a programmer. However, may I ask if you require a microphone for VC and if VC is required? Thanks!

Are you by any chance looking for music composers?

Hey! I’ve been a scripter for 5 years now and have a few successful games as well.


Discord: OutlookG#7714

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Hello @DJMonopoli! I am interested in fulfilling the builder position if it is still open. Here is my portfolio.

I am interested in animating for RB Battles.

Hi, I’m interested in builder position heres my portfolio Necrophosy - Portfolio

Hey! I have been a scripter for 5-6 years and I’ve worked with youtubers before!
I will list the games I worked on in cronological order:

I’ve also done some side jobs on hidden developers and scripted the datastore and case opening and trails system for the old version of Koala Cafe.

The credits in the older games might list my past username martim02 or my Twitter @_Martim02.
My Discord is MartimDev#0776

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