[Hiring] Roblox Clothing Designer $$

Lifting Simulator Merchandise

About The Job

We are looking for a Clothing Designer to make us Personal Commissioned Roblox Clothing (Shirt and Pants) for our game’s merchandise, these will be sold on our Game’s Group.

  • We currently have two designs and more to come in the future, if we are satisfied with your services we will consider you as our first choice for future commissions.

  • We would prefer that Templates are easily recolorable

  • We want it to be done as soon as possible but we’ll give up to 7 days of working time.


You will receive a One Time Payment $$ (USD) or R$ Equivalent per Outfit. Our preferred payment method is via Group Funds. (We preferably stay away from Paypal)

We might consider to double the pay when these conditions are met:

  • If we really like the final product
  • You deliver before or on the dead line

How sign up

Please reply with your;

  • Portfolio (please make one if you don’t have it already)
  • Discord Tag

If you want privacy please send me a Private Message via DevForum

Please send this to your friends or family who might be interested in our offer, Thank you!


How much is the payment? You didn’t specify.

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Hi everyone, I am very sorry for the confusion I have caused regarding Payment.

I have included a price range which is $$ meaning $10 - $99 per outfit, or 1 Dollar sign per digit.

As Google, Facebook does this for store pages to rate their prices range I thought it was globally known.



Considering I already have you added on Discord, I shot you a DM with a ton of my previous work. I’m interested in the position! :sunglasses:


I’m definitely interested, feel free to contact me if the position is still open.

Portfolio: XanderBerkeley - Builder, GFX Designer & Clothing Designer

Discord: Xander#3158


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