Hiring Roblox Game Developers!

Center for Disease Control - Recruitment Post

05/13/2023 UPDATE: The CDC is still up and running! Join us @ CDC

Main Information

Hello everyone, the CDC is currently recruiting a team of developers for their game. We are looking for 2-3 developers to realize our plans. Our team should consist of motivated and persevering people. Currently we have a map wich isn’t done yet, we plan to continue on it. We plan on releasing once the game and the group are completely finished.

Open Positions

  • Terrain Desinger
    Pretty self explanatory; you need to create a terrain filled with realistic details.
  • Builder
    You will need to build stuff… (Headquarters, Barracks etc…)


  • 2+ Years of experience.
  • Vouched Developer. (Worked for other people, groups etc.)
  • 15+ Years of age.
  • Decent communications skills.
  • Maturity and dedication.
  • Portfolio, Past work.


  • Terrain Designer - 9,000 Robux from revenue. (There is a guaranteed back-up payment.)
  • Builder - 11,000 Robux from revenue. (There is a guaranteed back-up payment.)


  • Discord - Oliver!#0001
  • Roblox Developer Forum

We thank you for your time and hope to see YOU in our team soon! :smiley:

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