[HIRING] **RSP** Searching for Advanced Scripter!

About Us

Greetings, I am the head developer, manager, and founder of Rexx Studio Productions. I am currently leading development on my upcoming game.

About The Job

All of my scripters, as of now, are way too busy with university and trying to cope with covid. There is still much that needs to be fixed and added for the scripting tasks that my scripters are simply just unavailable to do. This is also a long term job, as I will be coming back to you a lot in the future to add on to the work you have done, as well as to fix any bugs found.
Scripting tasks:

  • Map selection with Skybox, time settings, and colour correction
  • Team making
  • Game mode selection
  • Leaderboard system
  • Scripting the Deploy UI
    – Gamepass/developer products
    – Ship selection
    – Deploy button
  • End round rewards
  • Player data stores
    – To remember the player’s credits, kills, deaths, wins
  • Scripting the Game HUD


I am ONLY paying in USD PayPal.

For the scripting payment, I don’t want to give a solid number, however, I was thinking around $75 USD. I don’t want to scare anyone away, so if you have a better number, do tell me. If you don’t want USD, I can also offer a percentage of the revenue once the game launches. I could also do a comprise of the two as well.

Due Date

You have until March 5th to finish. I can allow a few days extra in case something happens.

Contact Us

You can contact me on Discord @ BaconPoutine#0001

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

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