[HIRING] Scripter 20,000R$/day

About Us

Hi there! We are Small Productions, a game production studios with over 1 million visits!
We’re currently hiring a a long term programmer (preferably a known scripter), to program/join our development studios.
We’re currently working on a sequel to our original game, Scythe Simulator, and need a scripter to complete all the tasks.
We already have a scripter who updates Scythe Simulator daily, and is also going to receive around the same payment as the Scythe Simulator 2’s scripter, so in conclusion, you’re not recommended to work on Scythe Simulator, only Scythe Simulator 2.
You may find our group here:

About The Job

We’re looking for an experienced front page scripter that have millions of total visits.
Here are the other requirements:
-3-4+ years experience in Lua
-14+ Y.O
-Good reputation
-Currently has timezones in either Canada, or the U.S

Our game needs all the essentials of a simulator done in high quality fashion.


We are paying 20k dev-exable R$/day. I will not currently be offering USD, as your daily salary is dev-exable. After the completion of the game, you’ll constantly receive 10k a day for 1-2 weeks as salary for updating the game, Scythe Simulator 2. After that, you’ll have an option of either being a retired developer, or work long term for future games, with the same process as mentioned above.

Contact Us

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum or via Discord at: SantaCopter#3943
You must be 13 years or older to apply.
Serious developers only
Good luck!


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