[Hiring] Scripter / Builder - 2 000$ USD per month / +200$ Referral Bonus


We are a Montreal based gaming studio (20 employees - Unity and Unreal) who wish to bring a Roblox lead scripter to our team. We offer 200$ referral bonus to anyone who help us find the right candidate, so feel free to share this post to your community an friends!

About our studio
We are an award winning studio composed of 3D artist, voice actor, composer, game designer, level designer, etc… As a new member, you will lead the scripting and builder team for Roblox project.

You can also read about our first test game on Roblox, The Forge:

Click here to read more about The Forge - Playfab project on Roblox >>

The Job

We are looking for a highly motivated, professional and skilled builder and scripter to work remotely with our team and lead our various Roblox initiative as we build a team around you.

Key expertise includes:

  • Roact and Rodux experience, or similar framework
  • Experience with HTTP external service
  • Strong code documentation and organization
  • Work well with other (and have fun!) :slight_smile:

If you are interested, please take the time to fill out this form:
Job Application Form for Roblox Lead Scripter >>

Referral Bonus

We will give 200$ to anyone who help us find the right candidate. Please, feel free to share this application form in your discord community and make sure they give your name when asked who refeered them. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your time!


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