Hiring scripter for a simple game [10k robux]

About Us

Hello there, I’m making a game similar to a sword testing game linked bellow, I’m currently doing an animation commission for the funds which I will have the client pay directly to you instead.

game link

About The Job

I am looking for a decent short term scripter to create the following systems;

  1. Simple ragdoll movement system using the module I supply: R15 / Rthro Ragdolls
    Once the character ragdolls they will have almost identical movement to the linked game, simple body velocity towards the players mouse for hopping and flopping around.

  2. Sword system, once ragdolled a non tool based sword will be welded to the right hand. If another ragdoll touches it the limb that hit it will be removed via breakjoints and made can collide if not already, aswell as a dismemberment sound and particle being activated. The dismembered player will be pushed away and dealt 25 damage, followed by a attack debounce for the attacker.

2a If 2 swords clash (touch eachother) a light, clash sound, and particle will activate at the clashing point and both players will be pushed away from eachother.

(After completing these portions above 4K robux will be paid)

  1. The next system will be a shop system, every kill you get 1 currency (to be decided) and they will be used to get new swords. These new swords will be selectable and will use datastore to save, they will simply be a mesh held in a folder where you find most convienant. (Most likely serverstorage)
    I will be editing the weight and size of swords and creating an attachment on their handle for you to weld them onto the character once selected. There will also be some swords accessible by gamepasses. (Be sure to include game pass id paste spots for me and be sure to make the sword adding process clean so I can easily add more)
    The UI can be simple and cartoony, I will most likely go over it after anyways.

(Once the shop system is done 6k robux will be paid.)


In the end you will receive 10k robux paid from my current animation client, for the shop script payment of 6k you may have to wait a day if I do not finish creature anims fast enough. If you have to wait any longer I will compensate starting at 1k+.

Contact Us

You can contact me here on discord;

Thanks for reading! :smile:


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