Hiring scripter, please contact


About The Job

The scripting is being done for a ROBLOX gun clan, more details via contacting Wights for privacy purposes. If you want examples of what you’ll likely be doing, check out groups like “The ROBLOXian Army” or “The Vaktovian Empire”.


We are flexible. Name your price and we’ll discuss finalizing it.

Contact Us

To know more, please contact our head, Wights, via discord: Wights#5523. Briefly introduce yourself as a scripter and show a few examples of your work.

Thanks for reading!

Your discord doesn’t seem to work.

I’m interested though, dm me @samtheman#7985

Glad to see you’re interested! For some reason it doesn’t let me add you on Discord.
Add me instead since Wights’ isn’t working: brad#3253

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