Hiring scripter! (Posed)

About the job

So I am hiring anyone who can, and will script for me,
I am making a game that requires a bow and arrow.
And I need someone to make a high quality, bow and arrow.
I want you to be active, be a professional, and be mature.


  • I want a bow and arrow.
  • I need it VERY high quality.
  • I need you to NOT add damage system.
  • I want you to add some comment in the script, so that I can add more code in the bow.
  • The model for the bow and arrow is already made.
  • Even if I said high quality, I just want you to make the shooting, and arrow movement.


I am willing to pay 3K robux, Only in robux, no real life money.


You can contact me here on devForum, or Discord.
My name is → Sir_Pixelated#2129


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