(HIRING Scripter!) Siege System Needed!

About Me

Howdy, I’m KamaCLVI. I’m currently heading a small medieval group, and have spent a fair amount of time building and organizing. Since I can only build, and cannot script, I am in need of someone to assist me in scripting a medieval siege system which will be elaborated below.

I’m a bit new to DevForum and ignorantly added a topic the night before the 4th of July, so I got no responses. I am re uploading now simply with the hope that I will get a response or some feedback at the very least.

About The Job

I am in need of a medieval themed multiplayer siege system, similar in concept to things such as blood and iron and/or Mount and Blade Warband Multiplayer Siege.

Specifically, I am in need of a system with two teams, one of which is the defenders and the other being the attacking team. The defending team ought to have limited lives while the attackers have unlimited. The defenders must beat back the attackers until time runs out. If they do so, they win the round. If the attackers effectively capture a point before time runs out, they are victorious.

Upon three completed rounds, the castle map would rotate to another castle map, so that an endless loop of replay-ability can be achieved.

This script would include KO/WO leader boards (not the traditional) as well as a class selection system by which those who have chosen a team can select their weapons before spawning in.

I am also looking for destructible assets, primarily doors, that can be destroyed if hit enough times and destructible wooden barriers.

I would also like a progression system, something like levels and experience, wherein players can unlock different in game weapon skins or enhancements, through in-game performance. These enhancements will also be able to be obtained via gamepass interface.


My starting offer is 50 USD, via paypal. This is how much such a system was appraised to me by a programmer friend of mine who alas does not have time to help me. Nonetheless, I understand everyone’s situation is different, and I am willing to discuss changes in price if necessary.

Percentages may also be available and negotiated upon.

Contact Me

I am most readily available via discord at


Please have some form of example of your work available so I can verify your capabilities.

You must be 13 years or older to apply.

Thank you for taking a look at my post!

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Hello. I designed a similar system for a group before yours that failed mid-development. I’d be happy to give you what I made. Friend request sent.

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