Hiring scripter to form a duo!

(note, this is my first ever post on the dev forum :P)
Hello! I’m Wald, and I want to hire a scripter to make games with!
I want to hire a scripter to develop games with me!
I’m a builder. Nothing else to really know.
You will make 40% of all the games revenue. this is negotiable.
I would also want to hire a UI Designer, but that would come in later.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


can we see some examples of your work or previous projects? also in most teams the scripter takes most of the payroll so 40% in a duo is not appealing


Like @anon92559147 said, you should really add some examples of past projects to this post if you want people to be interested. You might also consider posting your Discord tag or preferred method of communication. As well, scripting is usually more work than building and thus the programmer takes more percentage. I’d recommend you up it to at least 50/50 to make it even slightly interesting. Then if you hire a UI Designer you could bump it down to 40% for both of you and 20% for the UI Designer.

Just my opinion though.


The scripter usually gets more than any other role because it is the hardest role. 40% seems a little low for a scripter that will code the entire game, I’d say bump that up to 50%+.


If you are only doing building I’d say 80% for the scripter. It is very possible to find those that are willing to split 50/50. One of them doing everything but scripting and the other doing scripting.

I agree with everyone that mentioned scripters’ percentages. 40% is what I’d give to the builder in a duo. The programmer makes the game work and without them, it’s just a world of meshes and buildings.
60-80% is what you’d be looking for.


Can you post like, pictures or talk more about what you want to achieve/build? It would be helpful if you had payment planned out, most developers wont be interested without pay being listed.

I made the same mistake with my first ever post in the Developer Forum, I didn’t use the template. So, I’ll cut you some slack. Here is the template so you can edit your post.

I don’t understand why you guys Are talking about the payment %, I said it was negotiable.

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I’ll add some later today or tomorrow it’s my birthday so i might go out. And I said the payment % is negotiable

hahaha, that is true, they should have given a more valid reason despite that you already specified that would be negotiable.

In my opinion, the base % is insisted regardless, because you said the following

Nothing wrong about it, but considering this is a Duo, it means you want a scripter that fulfill the secondary post, which is UI Design/GFX, and perhaps the optional elements : Animations or even possibly Modelling, that would be a joke at this point though.

Another point is that “Builder” is the most known and common knowledge/ability of people, the only way someone agree in your current conditions (negotiated or not) would be that your skills, as a builder, is outstanding or atleast making you apart from the norm.

I Wish you a happy birthday too ~

Thanks! But I do not want them to fill those spots, we will hire people to do small jobs. That funding would come from the extra %, or out of my paycut. I can animate and do gfx, though. Thanks for the advice/support! But, if they CAN fill those spots, I would give them a higher percentage.

I’m a builder myself but like everyone said, increase the revenue’s percentage.
Only scripter can make a game live!

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