[HIRING] Scripter (Twisty's Cafe)

About Us

Hello! We are a new and upcoming cafe group called Twisty’s, we have big potential and hopefully will be big soon. We’re looking for new members to add to our development team and hope you can join along.

Our Team

YouFoundMarii - Founder
Aozwel - Co-Founder
xM_ani - Builder
DevJolly - Modeler
N/A - Scripter

About The Job

Scripter - We are looking for someone who is able to do a few things, this would include scripting the whole cafe which would be drinks, food, animation, machines once they dispense drinks, food making, ordering system, PA system, game passes, and a few other items. A document with the overall information will be provided as a reference.


Scripter - 20K

The only method of payment available is through Robux and no other forms.


Please contact me on Discord at Mari#0257 or here on DevForum.


13 years of age.
At least a year of experience in the cafe/restaurant industry.
Provide examples of previous work.


What type of building style is this?

Reach me at The_Pr0fessor#5127 or inbox on Here

I am not a scripter, but I’m making a product called SmartOrders with a friend. It’s a cafe system. If you want to know more, add me on discord: xJxck_yy#7636

Just reply when you have added me, and try to DM too. Btw, SmartOrders is in Beta Testing

I wanna get hired as a 3D modeler.
Discord : Mr_Gamerious#4288

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I’m intrested in the scripter position.
Discord: luqcid#8877

I can script and I’d be happy to help.
I’m Sasial#1865 on Discord.

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