Hiring Scripter! Tycoon Kit (USD)


Looking for an experienced programmer to make a fully easily customizable tycoon kit.
Someone who will put effort into making an organized easy-to-use kit. A dropper tycoon.

About Job

This is a dropper tycoon that must fully auto save and be easy to add new buttons and additions.
NOT looking for scammers or people who waste time. NEED Someone dedicated and experienced who knows what they’re doing.

Tycoon may include:
Auto save feature
1 Mesh Dropper for kit
1 Upgrader for kit
Owner only Door
Cash Collect feature/auto collect feature
Smooth part tweens(when thing is bought)
Start Tutorial (Finding Tycoon/Beam Arrows)
Conveyor for kit
High Quality, adjustable and organized.

Looking for this to be done efficiently and effectively in a timely manner.

1-2 weeks or however long is needed.


Name a price. Prices are negotiable, I will pay a reasonable price. Preferably USD via PayPal.
Work must be fully functional and done first.


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via Discord: vvolfy#0813

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

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