[HIRING] Scripter/Modeler


Scriper and Modeler needed!

About Us

Hello, developers! Planet Pizza group is searching for 1 experienced scripter and 1 experienced modeler for long term work. We’re a restaurant group based on arcades and retro style with more than 2700 members, we gained 1400 members in 1 day, but now we had to close our game for a few hours.

The Team
@Heartless808s#0001 - Founder
@AmokahTheFox - Scripter
@Saltax#0001 - Lead Developer/Builder

You check out our group here: https://www.roblox.com/groups/3606965/Planet-Pizza#!/about

About The Job

We need a scripter to co-work with our scripter on the laser tag, playable arcade games, and apartment system, drive-thru, and more. These are the most important things to get done.

We need to model 2 laser tag guns and armor, and more things in the future.

We need nonstop working developers atm, after finish all the work, you’re allowed to get some bigger pauses.


40-100 USD after getting these things done.
After this, there will be a week or month pay.

USD, we can talk about your price in DMs

Contact Us

Contact me by direct messages on DevForum or discord.
Minimal age: 15

Sorry for bad grammar, but we’re trying to get everything really fast!

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

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Are you looking for a low poly or high poly style (for modeler) ?

High and low poly, so both. We don’t have any problem with using one of them.

Hello. I’am very interested. Are you guys on discord? My ID is SoalReaperCaptain#7773.
I want to help you guys as a 3D modeller.

These are my old works.

I’d like to apply then, here’s my portfolio : [OPEN COMMISSIONS] Low Poly 3D modeler | Red1Monster

Discord : Red1Monster#3623

you can pay in robux so I’m very interested

these look extremely high poly. Can you even import then into studio?

umm…i dont think so…but ill show my low poly ones…

I would like to apply for 3d Modeler, Please DM me more info @Kachow#8192

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