Hiring Scripters: 5k+ Robux Weekly


Hello! I’m the Owner and Lead Developer of Scurvy.
What is Scurvy you ask? Well Scurvy can be viewed as an Action/Fighting Game
Mixing the theme of the game Criminals vs. Swat and Phantom Forces Deathmatch, its a game where players fight to the death on islands or on the vast (3500x3500) ocean. It has a theme of Naval Warfare, and hand to hand combat. You can either be a Raging Pirate, or a Member of the Royal Navy, the choice is yours.
TLDR: You have two teams. Pirate or Navy. You both try to kill each other the most. More kills = more coins. More coins = better weapons and better boats. Better weapons and Better boats = dominate the leaderboard and you are good. :slight_smile:


Here is our current team:
@DoctorBurn Scripter, Builder, Modeller, and Team Leader
@couldbeyou - Lead Scripter
@couldbeyou - Scripter


No one likes slackers, and neither do I. Accountability is important, and you won’t get paid if you don’t get the job done. I use my own “point system”, which means you have a variety of tasks to choose from, each with a set number of points. You need to reach a threshold of points (125) by the end of a two week period to earn your full pay. If you go above your threshold of points, you get paid extra :tada:. Slackers won’t get paid as much as those who put the effort in and carry their weight.
On top of that, you will get 35% of Revenue, and Discord Nitro or a $10 giftcard as a bonus.


If you have any questions, please reply to this thread, or dm me on DevForum


To apply, please contact me on Discord at


I am interested, sent friend request on discord.

Username: depressed.#4058

I am interested in making the ui
here is my port

Still looking for Scripters/programmers!

I’m interested but I will need more info, my discord is Barty 2016#1019

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