[HIRING] Scripters and Animators

About Us

Hi there! I am phSalami, known as “Sallomy” and I need scripters and animators for my future soccer game.

About The Job

You will have a list of stuff to pick from on what to script and animate and each has a different reward and timeline.

Payment Method

Robux Only.
Expect atleast 2k robux per job.

Contact Me

Add me in discord: Sallomy#2040 if your interested then DM me here your job and your discord user.

Thanks! :slight_smile:


So 2k robux per animation? Or what?

We don’t pay per animation we pay per pile of animations, also there isn’t something called 2k per animations in r6 animations, they aren’t complex.

So is it 2k per pile of animations? You were very vague with the pricing.

you dont know there could be.

What kind of “Jobs” do you need scripted?

Im a animator, contact me Zombie#0002

ATLEAST So its obviously more.

Everything to expect to see in a soccer ball game.

Send a friend request to me in discord Sallomy#2040

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Okay you’ve got it. (30 chars…)

Your added (30 characters…)

Great, accepted.
We need more scripters and animators.

I’m very interested in this! triangle#3263

Your added to discord, make sure to add my request.

I’m intrested in the job My dis is ArDev#0930

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