Hiring Scripters and Builders for Platinum Games. Inc

About Us

Hey! I’m exendxlycr, one of the founders of Platinum Games Inc. We are striving to make detailed and fun games with flawless coding. We are looking for builders and scripters to join us to help make some games!

The Team
@exendxlycr - Founder
@NovaFlare19 - Founder
@ashraf1 - Helper

Here’s our group: Platinum Games Inc. - Roblox

About the Job

We are looking for professional scripters and builders to join our team to start making games. We expect high quality and professional scripting and building to make our games as enjoyable as possible. You require Discord to join us (DM me your contact in the devforum DMs). You must be before popularity and money, as we are just starting out and have no payment. We’ve had experience making groups before. We have owned a group with almost 3,000 members.


Since we have no games yet, we do not have robux to pay. However, as we get games ready for early access, we will make sure to include products that allow us to make robux to pay you for your work. We will be paying around 20-30% depending on work (negotiable).

Contact Us

You require Discord. DM me your Discord contact in the DevForum DMS if you are interested. You may also reply.

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i am interested discord is iabandonedtv#2971

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