Hiring scripters and builders for Precarious Island!

We are currently looking for scripters! Builder applications are closed.

Precarious Island’s lobby is currently in EARLY DEMO phase.
Precarious Island is currently in EXTREMELY EARLY DEMO phase.

(I have made both of these by myself)

Scripter presentation:

Builder presentation:

(These don’t require a download, by the way. If some questions are too personal like the birthdate, just let me know if you’re 13 and over or not! We prefer 13 and over but it’s negotiable. Email is just there to remove trolls and we don’t care about what you put in, but it’s best if it’s accurate.)

Before entering the applications, fully read the presentations!

Scripter application:
Google Forms: Sign-in OPEN

Builder application:
Google Forms: Sign-in CLOSED

(If you’re having an issue with the applications, tell me!)

Keep in mind we currently have a limited budget (we eventually won’t from investments, don’t worry!)


(lead) @4581quzwi

(lead) @xNINJAKILL33Rx

(lead) @TML_Jester


@Zxxena 12250 (before tax) shout out to her for wanting to originally donate it and just straight up being kind as hell, like when I made VIP for the game cost 1 Robux so she could buy it for near free, she bought it, I put the price back, and she bought the full price just to be nice, or when I met her I did an animation comission for her and she paid me extremely generously, haha, appreciate it <3
@SimpCollection - 1428 (before tax)
@DictatorWashington - 1000 (before tax)
@GeneralVonRobloxian - N/A

If you have any feedback on my presentations or applications, well, go ahead! We currently have a pretty small budget of 8857 (will increase soon) so bear with me!

This is for an early part of Precarious Island’s development. Eventually we will get highly trusted and professional developers.


Please Contact me on discord Skittles#5202

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i see so you want scripters now unfortunatly i am not one ):

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I see you’re a modeller :slight_smile:
Don’t worry, the time will come for people like you :smiley:

The link to the application does not work, could you send it here?

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(it was in the pastebin, sure it didn’t work?)

Could you give more detail about what the game is about?

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Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

What would you like to know about? I feel like I’ve explained everything to the most detail I possibly could have, without talking about separate game features.

Once you get accepted you’ll have access to the game notes in the Discord as well, by the way, meaning you will get even more detail. The lobby demo also gives you a sense of visual style, too.

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I edit videos/trailers and also write storylines, can I be of any help?

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You may be hired later on :slight_smile: I’ll keep in touch

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Hi! Would you like somebody to get your game working with FiB3? I can help add realistic lighting. I don’t need pat. Contact me here if you are interested.

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No idea what that is, but I’d LOVE better lighting. It’s what it needs :slight_smile:
You’re very kind to work unpaid, I’ll probably give you some thank you ROBUX but I can’t promise :grimacing:
Thank you so much, contact me on Discord EthanDSYT#8247

Hi! I don’t use discord, could you continue in devforum DMs? Thanks!

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Sure :slight_smile: I gotta sleep though, see you tomorrow :wave:

Ok, I am excited to optimize your game with FiB3.

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I saw this and it looks absolutely stunning! Looking forward to it :blush: good night

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Interested. JOSHUA#3636

30 characters

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Im interested, can i have contact woth you on discord? jrm104#9409

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I would like to do scripting for you reply to this message for my discord

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Hello yes I am real man me yes