Hiring scripters| Grinder Juice Bar

Grinder Juice Bar

About Us

Hi there! We are a group with 3k+ members. We are hiring scripters to help us build V2. If you have any questions or concerns you are more then welcome to contact me!

The Team
@DesiredToon- Builder
@you- scripter
@ESP_SecureBlox- UI designer

About The Job

We are looking for a professional builder to join our team and help us build V2. We are looking for a juice bar.


We are paying robux. We can discuss all prices in dms and negotiate.

Contact Us

You can contact me on discord or here. My discord: ant is typing…#0001

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


First your discord tag is incorrect, second it seems as if you’ve made a post for someone else as I do not see you being in the team whatsoever, is this a mistake, or have you made this post for the people that work on the game?

I am a In the executive team there. Can you tell me your discord so I’m able to add you?

Do you mean to help you script V2?

Can you provide the payment on the topic, as well as how will we receive the payment?

Yes I do mean that. Also, of course let me add that now.

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I am interested for the job as a scripter.
I will contact you via discord, and discuss there.
My name is Baguette#7062 on discord, I have added you already.

Hello! I`m interested in scripting for your group, however you discord code doesn’t seem to work. Mine is CherryLeChicken#6524

Hello, I’m interested please add my discord and we will work things out
Discord: frames#0001

Hey! Add me on discord so I can send you my portfolio, and so we can discuss prices!!!
Discord: UnitornsReal#9113


Hello, I am interested, can you add me on discord? primes#8866, I am willing to give it a try!

Hey, I’m available for the builder position.
This is one cafe that I currently have for sale: Cafe for sale - Roblox

and this another that I’m starting: Project | Dev - Roblox

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