Hiring Scripters [R$ Percentage Payment]

While I was working on a game called Pirate’s Voyage I realized I was in need of some assistance. I’m capable of scripting the entirety of the game, however I’m incapable of being able to improve by myself as a programmer. This is not ideal to me, as I would really like to collaborate with others, and improve alongside them.

If you’re interested in working with me on Pirate’s Voyage, You can either have a Down Payment (If as a Commission), or Percentage Revenue of the group (Short/Full Time). Payment will depend on how helpful/beneficial you were to the production, and improvements of the game.

10%-25% recommended (Negotiable)

50K R$ (Completion of the project)
50K R$ (Another payment once earned by the game)
(This is as well Negotiable)


  • 18+ Years of Age
  • 2-3 Years of experience
  • Familiar with lua
  • Is capable of understanding others code
  • Gets along with the whole team
  • Passionate Coder
  • Examples of stuff you’ve coded

Preferable Requirements:

  • Worked on 1-2 games that were released

Wyzloc#7670 is my Discord Tag. Add me there, if you’re interested in collaborating with me on this project.

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