Hiring Short-term Builder (50K+)

Hello! I am Starveiis, the project leader of an upcoming MMOG RPG-style dark fantasy genre, based on the Celtic folklore and more specifically, Faerielore.


I am looking for a short-term builder to create a medieval-type fantasy hall as an add-on to my genre. This build will have an alien/elvish touch to it, and I will provide details on exactly how I would like for it to be built.

This is a one-room build with no exterior, so I expect a decent amount of details done in the interior. Additional information on this project will be provided before you start on this build.

Please do not contact me if you do not build the majority of your work in Blender, as unions created in studio cause unnecessary lag.


This build is for a smaller, sub-experience from the main genre, so I am more flexible with releasing it after the main game is out. However, based on your past experiences we will work out a deadline that we are both comfortable with; 2-3 weeks.


Payment will be administered through a VALUED, HIGH DEMAND limited of your liking. The specific value of this item will be discussed and settled on before anything begins to be worked on. I will sent this to you in a trade after completion, or during another time that we can settle on.

The value ranges of the limited will be 30k-50k+, depending on the expertise shown in your portfolio and past work.

If you don’t have premium to receive the trade, I will buy it for you for a small deduction on the payment.


If you are interested, please leave your portfolio below, or add my Discord.



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