[HIRING] Simulator Scripters!



About The Project

Hello, I’m Sinox, CTO of Sin Corporation. I am currently looking to partner up with a skilled simulator scripter to help run a Clicker Based game with me! In case your wondering, I am a devforum builder and have contributed to many Front Page games and projects. [OPEN] DisturbedSinox | Builder. I will pay for all assets, ads, sponsors everything, I just need someone to script it. Almost all assets for the game are already completed, and I have a estimated 150k I plan to use for advertisements, along with over 6mil+ in subs from various creators. From a profit standpoint, these clickers are making alot of money. Each ranging form 5-70mil in game passes ALONE.


I am looking to split 30-40% of the profits with the scripter.

Contact Us

Contact me on either the DevForums, or Discord please!

DevForum: @DisturbedSinox
Discord: Sinox#5016

Please leave a reply with your discord and portfolio below to make it easier to find you!

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I am interested in the job! Please look at my portfolio and I can make most assets of a Simulator

ScriptedJames#5681 (I’ve sent u a friend request)

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hi, I also love this job. I’m quite young (16 years old) with high soft skills. I’ve been programming for half a year and I can do a lot of things.

I’m intrested! I do not have discord, but we can use DevForum to communicate!

I can send you my portfolio via messages if you accept me not having discord.

(I am over 13, just don’t like to use discord)

Yours truly,

I am interested here is my portfolio:

and my discord:

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