Hiring someone to fix my Placement System?

I would like to hire & (reasonably) pay someone to help fix my placement system.

I’ve been struggling to create a placement system that I would be able to offer as a free model to players in order to help them create their games as well as learn some things about scripting.

I’ve already written the scripts; however, some of them don’t work the way they should. The placement system itself is the thing that’s not working. I’d also like to possibly change the rotation system where you’d be able to either press a GUI button to rotate the model (for mobile users) or press the “R” key to rotate the model.

Here’s a link to the Placement System (as I said, it’s still broken): Auevi's Placement System (NOT WORKING YET) - Roblox

I am a broke college student but I’m willing to reasonably pay someone to help me fix the Placement System I’ve created :slight_smile:

Please feel free to look at the model & let me know how much you’d be willing to help fix it for via DM!

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Try talenthub, youre not allowed to do that here


Sorry! I’m new to the forum, is that a different website?

Nevermind, I found it! Sorry about that.

It is better for you to do more attempts making this advanced system. Use devforum to get some help and ask anything that you needed. You don’t need to hire someone and pay them. Try to do this. Plus there’s several posts about placement system in this website. You could try Googling it and you might found the answer.


I appreciate your kind words! Honestly, I’ve been a bit down on myself for struggling so much—I’m extremely new to scripting & usually I’m able to figure it out; however, I will continue to try to work at it. There are just so many things I’d like to do regarding my placement system that it seems a bit overwhelming at times. :heart:

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