Hiring someone to make short scream effect

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I am looking for someone to make a 1-1.5 second short scream affect which could slide nicely into a story game. This could either be done by a voice actor or an SFX artist, I have no preference as long as it is good quality and fits in a roblox story game



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So, you want an audio of someone screaming?


Yes, sounds a bit weird when you put it like that.

It should be a scream that kinda symbolises fear, cause it will be used when someone hysterically vanishes and presumably dies.

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why not just scream into a mic? that will save you 1000 robux.


I’m interested. I will be messaging you!

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Found someone to make the scream affect.

However a small commission to make a sleeping animation similar to the one in Hotel is now needed for 200R$

– Found on a youtube video, in reference to game camping.

Just the animation is needed, not the ‘Zzz’

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