Hiring someone to script an Arrest System [CLOSED]

About me:
I’m a Solo Developer working on a city roleplay game.

What I’m looking for:
I’m looking for a scripter who can create an arrest system that includes the following:
-Working handcuffs that set the arrestee’s walk speed to 0 and prompt the arresting officer with an interface that allows them to enter an arrest reason that saves to a data store with information such as the date, arresting officer, and reason.
-A working GUI that allows other players to check a person’s arrest record showing information such as the date of arrest, the arresting officer, and arrest reason.
-An option to free arrested players using the handcuffs.
-Arrests MUST save to datastore
-An option for bail
-MUST operate using Remote Events that have none to little vulnerability.

How I want it to work:

  1. Officer clicks on player (player must be within 10 studs)
  2. Player is unable to move
  3. Officer is prompted with option to arrest the player and write a reason.
  4. Player is arrested and is immediately teamed onto the prisoner’s team and teleported to a specific location.
  5. Player is prompted with the option to bail or serve the entire sentence.
  6. Once sentence is up player is teamed back to the Citizens team and respawned.

500 ROBUX via Group Payout

Contact Me:
If you’re interested please contact me on discord at Splash#5094
You must be over the age of 13.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

Edit: All the systems and buildings required to implement this I have already created, most tweaking I’ll be able to do myself. I’m outsourcing this because my deadline is soon and I don’t have enough time.

Maybe its just me, but this seems like a huge amount of work for only 500 robux. 500 robux is only 1.75$ USD for reference.


I’m willing to be flexible on the payment amount to a certain degree, I don’t have a huge budget and will need a certain amount for my advertisement campaigns.

EDIT: It also comes with a high possibility for future work at greater rates if I like your work.

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