[HIRING] Story Game Developers

About Us

Hi there! We are a Team building a story game. Our goal is to create a nice story game (not a lot of details figured out yet) that the community will play.
The Team
@Urkepol - Scripter/GFX - Owner
@PirateDevz - Environment Design and Scripting
@ItsDanielDev - GUI/GUI Scripter
@Krailey - Builder
Empty - Animator Scripter
Empty - Scripter
Empty - Graphic Artist
Empty - Composer

About The Job

We are looking for a Graphics Artist, and Scripters! The GA must be experienced in making Graphics, and must be high quality. We need advanced scripters with experience to help make the story game.

Our game needs a lot of progress ASAP, and we expect you to be as active as possible.


If our game fails then the payment is nothing. If the game actually launches and gets to a good start, then you will get a negotiable percentage of the funds.

Contact Us

You can contact us on Discord by DMing @PirateDevz#6250 or @Urkepol#9886

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


I think this is great one thing tho

Some people might want backpay. Am just about getting hired and getting my skills up as a composer. So you might want to think about some payback.

Only problem is, we have no other game that we’re getting funds from, meaning how can we pay people. Where will we get robux from?

Ya true but I do hope you find people for this who wants to make a project for fun or get there skills up. Good luck.


Ever thought of having an animator?

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Why are there 5 scripters for a story game?

One of them scripts GUI. The other one animates.

The thing is, Scripters wants backpay as DevNetCheese said as they’re highly requested in the Developer Community. You should first gather a little money to pay them in case of emergency as you can’t 100% for sure know that the game will become popular.

As Programmer yourself, I assume you would feel like you wasted your time if you were dedicated to the game and script everything in exchange for nothing, right?

I guess, but maybe some people would do it to advance their abilities.

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Hey! I’m a Logo Artist. I can make a sweet logo for the game! I’ve friended you (I’ll send examples via Discord).


Hello, I would like to apply for the composer ;3

Discord: DevNetCheese#2725

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