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The Tech Studs team is currently hiring!

The current project we are working on is a game called Clothing Extravaganza. This game is a high-quality tycoon where players build their own clothing stores, sell clothing to AI to earn coins, and even have the option of selling their own clothing to other players. Our competitors will consist of mostly other high-quality tycoons such as Retail Tycoon, Hotel Empire, and Miner’s Haven.

User Interface Designer

• Understanding of the flat and material design concepts
• Ability to design UIs to be compatible with all devices (computer, tablet, phone, and Xbox)

• Designing small icons
• Designing UIs
• Making UIs responsive

• 15% of group revenue

Music Composer [FILLED by @Anonomical ]


• Minimalistic yet elegant style

• Building maps
• Building objects

25% of group revenue

Discord: Tony#4820
Twitter: @DeveloperTony
Roblox: Dev_Tony

Normally you should pitch your game idea in good depth when hiring people.


Thanks for the tip!

I’ve updated the thread with the payment for the UI designer and builder positions along with the current project the group is working on.

Still in need of a builder and user interface designer, so hopefully I can get those positions filled quite soon and the project can take off.

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