[HIRING] Terrain Designer 500 - 2k

Im going to keep this sweet & Short! Im hiring a terrain designer to make us some terrain for my game, it’s a roleplay game. Details below!


  • We need a terrain designer
  • Need these things
  • Hills
  • Ranger/Woods type area
  • And normal grass like a roleplay game


  • I will pay 500-2k for this to be done maybe more.


  • Discord is prefeed : [C173] xXSnowman_22Xx#6312

Thanks! :slight_smile: .

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Hi there! I would like to work on your project, I can make you terrain with good graphics and as you need it, you can see more of what I do here: Hi there! I'm Hitnrp2 and I would like to work as a builder for any developer

Added you on discord!
Hope to see from you soon.

  • unvanish#5343

the job is closed. sorry to waste your time!

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Oh, it’s okay!
Thanks for letting me know.

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