Hiring texturizer!

Hiring texturizer!

Job details

Hi, we are looking for a talented texturizer, to long-term texturize pets, for a new game our studio is working on.

About work

We are looking for a texturing to texturize pets for our game. The game will launch in June, so we are in a time crisis and looking for someone who can complete these assets no later than May 1.


We will make all the payments in % for now, we have Youtubers who will sponsor the game and we will make announcements. (+10 youtubers)

  • 685 subscribers: 36,999 total visits
  • 3540 subscribers: 238,368 total visits
  • 46,800 subscribers: 14,759,738 total visits
  • 47,900 subscribers: 3,919,410 total visits
  • 76,100 subscribers: 12,868,979 total visits
  • 100,000 subscriberss: 12,343,318 total visits
    and there are more youtubers.

Contact Us

Send us a message with your portfolio, with examples of your work. Please also let us know your Discord username so we have another way to contact you. If I send you a request look for Mateooarce1#5653 or add me!

Thank you for reading!

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