[HIRING] UI Designer [100USD or 30k ROBUX]

Hi, I’m currently trying to redesign the UIS of my current game Jogging Simulator:https://www.roblox.com/games/3131704903/ADMIN-COMMANDS-Jogging-Simulator#!/about

I need a very experienced UI designer specialized in a cartoony simulator like UI styles.

You need to be done fairly quickly, I’m hoping to release a new version in a week or two. So anytime before then is great.

We are paying 100 USD or about 30K Robux.

You can contact me here on this post, or add my discord: Arxk#0022

Thanks for reading!


That’s a odd number gap for payment. How do you go from 100 USD to 30k robux if you don’t mind me asking?

Not a gap, it’s either you’re paid in USD or Robux to be clear.

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But that’s a little odd that you either get payed 100 USD or 30k robux. The gap is MASSIVE.

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30k robux is about equivalent to 100 usd. I don’t see the issue here?

10k robux = 35 30k robux = 105 usd

Ah, I apologize I just checked the dev ex rate. I’m wrong. Thanks for the reply back though.

Alright, next time you need to do some re-search before posting all of this.

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I completely apologize in my mind I was thinking 300 USD not 100 even though I wrote down 100 USD. I read that wayyy too fast.

I apologize.

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I’d be interested in doing this.

Please DM me on discord or reply with details through PM on here!

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I’m a experienced UI designer, I’m specialized in UIs since I think I am better at that than scripting or building, About the time how much is fairly quick?
I’m S4Devs btw.

Hello, could you call me on discord (Heisenberg#1465) if you still need it?

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If this is still open I’d love to do it!

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