Hiring UI Designers and Animators for a Succesfull game!


This are not contributions, we will pay monthly, every month higher.


Creature Clash

Creature Clash is a game inspired on Zooba, if you would like to work, you would have to play the game Zooba, Zooba is in Google Play for small devices.


I am hiring 1 UI Designer that could make the UIs as Zooba and script them.
2 Animators.

1 UI designer to make all the UIs(plus script them).
1 scripter that will scrpt everything.(except UIs).
2 Animators. (One animator will Animate the animals(In the shop you can see that the animals has an animation on the UIs)) And another one that will Animate The animals when they move, Use power, shoot and all that stuff.
1 Modeler that will be Sculpter and could sculpt the animals.

@M41OR = Owner, Builder, Modeler.
@oliverSK3 = Builder, Modeler.
@augusto99999 = Scripter.
@LandofLee1620 = Artist!


Please keep reading down and you’ll understand why this prices.
So, we have a 5.7k budget due to we want to spend a lot of robux in sponsors.
Payment will be like this:
UI designer: 2K robux!
Animators: the first animator, that will animate the pose, (in Zooba, when you go to shop you will see that the animals do each one a different animation) it will be 1k robux.
For the other animator will be 1.3k robux.


So, this is planned like this
I’ve made this group so I get famous and money to contribute with famous people to create a company, it is like greenpeace, but greenpeace has people that helps the earth, and we want to help them creating machines, such as: Machines, big Vacuums that can detect (in the lakes) and separate the dirty stuff and the Water, (the water will be separated from the dirty, and all the drity stuff will be sent to a place that will be created only for that)
We are making this because if we don’t act now, Natural Disasters will come, the Ozone Layer will melt and the Ozone Layer protects us from the sun waves, asteroids and a lot of stuff, without that we will suffer a lot.

I hope you understand what we are making, and we hope you could help us
You can contribute if you want, but we cannot pay, but thanks if you want to!

Anything helps!

Thank you!


I don’t think making a roblox game is the best way to launder in money to create a company on that scale, but you do you boss.

The thing is, Adopt Me got 7M USD by Adopt me, and with that we can help a little bit, and we will hire Web Developers to create a Web for people that would help!
Just wait for it!

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I am interested I am a modeler, I would like to know what you want me to model?
You can offer a little bit of what I need

This is a very ambitious plan as well as giving the modeler 1.5k a month? That’s a ridiculous underpayment, not to mention your title is “For a successful game” implying that you already have a game that is fairly popular already out, this is very misleading.

Read everything again, and then start talking about underpayment, and take in mind we want to spend a lot of robux in Sponsors,
You said 1.5k is not much, becaouse you are one,if you would be a scripter, you would be talking about that the prices about a scripter is not enough, just,if you don’t like my payment, don’t reply this.

This is the style I want, sculpting.

Do you want a model equal to this character?
You can offer a preview of 1.2k and I will contact you on discord
put your discord

Sorry,it is 1.4k a month (every month is getting higher)
And you make sculpts, this are not comissions,
So, if you can make 12- 20 animals every month and I will pay 1.4k and higher only… if not, then I’m sorry

and providme some of your work in private, please.

You want them to make 12-20 animals in a month and you intend to pay only 1.4k.
luck finding someone

I am one,and I was saying an example, I can make them alone, and thanks!
I see you have no work so I wouldn’t hire you anyways :confused:


Now we are hiring Animators and UI designers!
The UI designer gets a 3K robux payment and the modeler will get 2700 robux payment!

I can be a UI designer.
I’m new but still I can make Gui’s pretty well.

I kinda didn’t understand want you are saying.

Ow, so we are making a Company to take care of the world, like greenpeace!

I’ll be honest here; Nobody’s going to accept to model something to this extent and at this quantity for 2.7k. UI Designers don’t generally accept low payments like 3k either. I doubt anyone with the skills sufficient enough to make this a reality will accept anything under at least 10-25k robux per character. And a UI designer probably in the range of 50-100k robux.

About the whole bolded part, I can’t tell if it’s satire or not but a Roblox game might not be the best way to fund such an idea.


Well,I just got a UI designer :slight_smile:

Hey @M41OR I can’t find Zooba in the play store.
I wanted to look at the UI’s.

Add me on discord!

Like making a company in real life?
If then, Seriously? :open_mouth:

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