Hiring UI Designers and Animators for a Succesfull game!

This is a very ambitious plan as well as giving the modeler 1.5k a month? That’s a ridiculous underpayment, not to mention your title is “For a successful game” implying that you already have a game that is fairly popular already out, this is very misleading.

Read everything again, and then start talking about underpayment, and take in mind we want to spend a lot of robux in Sponsors,
You said 1.5k is not much, becaouse you are one,if you would be a scripter, you would be talking about that the prices about a scripter is not enough, just,if you don’t like my payment, don’t reply this.

This is the style I want, sculpting.

Do you want a model equal to this character?
You can offer a preview of 1.2k and I will contact you on discord
put your discord

Sorry,it is 1.4k a month (every month is getting higher)
And you make sculpts, this are not comissions,
So, if you can make 12- 20 animals every month and I will pay 1.4k and higher only… if not, then I’m sorry

and providme some of your work in private, please.

You want them to make 12-20 animals in a month and you intend to pay only 1.4k.
luck finding someone

I am one,and I was saying an example, I can make them alone, and thanks!
I see you have no work so I wouldn’t hire you anyways :confused:


Now we are hiring Animators and UI designers!
The UI designer gets a 3K robux payment and the modeler will get 2700 robux payment!

I can be a UI designer.
I’m new but still I can make Gui’s pretty well.

I kinda didn’t understand want you are saying.

Ow, so we are making a Company to take care of the world, like greenpeace!

I’ll be honest here; Nobody’s going to accept to model something to this extent and at this quantity for 2.7k. UI Designers don’t generally accept low payments like 3k either. I doubt anyone with the skills sufficient enough to make this a reality will accept anything under at least 10-25k robux per character. And a UI designer probably in the range of 50-100k robux.

About the whole bolded part, I can’t tell if it’s satire or not but a Roblox game might not be the best way to fund such an idea.


Well,I just got a UI designer :slight_smile:

Hey @M41OR I can’t find Zooba in the play store.
I wanted to look at the UI’s.

Add me on discord!

Like making a company in real life?
If then, Seriously? :open_mouth:

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But we hope we’ll get money!

At that price range I personally wouldn’t expect much, but I hope it works out for you in the end and the best of luck.

Interested in the UI designer role. Willing to do a lower price
Portfolio: [OPEN] UI Designer/2d Artist Portfolio | CursedTxrtle

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