[HIRING] USD! Scripters/Animators/UI Designers!


East Brick City

East Brick City, is a game based on a midwestern urban city. The time period of the game is 2016-2017, and I’m looking for an other developers to help me achieve the goals in this game. The game is more of a roleplaying type of game where players can choose what they want to be. The game itself will have a lot of options to options to choose from such as a criminal, law enforcement, banker, real estate, and much more.

In-Game Photos


I need a scripter, animator, and a UI designer to make this game come alive. There will be some complex jobs but nothing that should take you more than a week. I will need things such as,

• Gun system

• Jail system

• Money/Banking/Shopping/Selling/Trading System

• Heist System

• Character Creation System with (Custom names, Shirts, Pants, Hats, skintone, and Accessories)

• Job System

• Death/Injury System

• Player HUD

• Intro UI

• Data Stores

• Tool saving system

and a few more.


• I perfer to pay with Paypal, and I’m looking for someone long-term, so I have to bounce back and fourth.


You can contact me via discord, BriccKity#8429 or comment below.

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