Hiring various positions!

Hey users of the DevFourm!

I am Currently hiring various positions for my small clothing group; Fashion Corner!

About Us

We are a group that focuses on The customers and what they want. we make trendy clothes that you cant find anywhere else!


  • Independent brand and regular Designers
About Independent brand and designers

Are you looking for a group to showcase your clothes? Look no farther!

Independent brand Designers
Do you already have a brand but have no where to showcase your work? Fashion corner will Showcase your work for you! We are inviting people with an established brand to showcase your clothes in your group!

Regular Clothing designers
I know its hard to get a job as a clothing designer, so at fashion corner, we are willing to help make a name for yourself!


We Are paying 75% to you on YOUR clothes alone. we currently do not have a set salary, but it will probably increase soon, for i am currently trying to hire more people

  • Advertisers
About Advertisers

I am currently looking for someone to actively advertise for our group. your duties will include Getting new members to join, Getting people to buy our stuff, ect. I currently have 2 other people working for me, so you will be among a group promoting.


i currently do not have a set price, but it will be somewhere from 5-15% of total sales. when you do get paid, ill pay you at the end of each month because it will be easier to divide everyones at the same time, thats all :grin:

I will be hiring more people once i get more sales, so keep a lookout for that! :smile:


Email me At; Untitled_Hooman@mail.com

Sorry i currently have no other form of contact available right now, but you are always welcome to DM me on Roblox.

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