Hiring vehicle physics scripter and GUI maker [200k+ ROBUX]

Vehicle physics:
Looking for an advanced scripter who can create excellent custom car physics for a new project. I’m looking for cars that are able to drift and reach high speeds on uneven terrain without behaving irregularly. These vehicles should not get stuck when they collide with each other.
There is also a helicopter vehicle that needs to be scripted which needs to be controllable using keyboard keys.

Functional Shop GUI:
I also need someone who can design and script the client-side of a shop GUI. All images for this will be provided corresponding to what your design calls for.

Pay: For the combined job at the level of quality mentioned above I’m offering a 200,000 ROBUX minimum payment. Pay depends on quality and if everything is impressive we can talk about a higher pay.

I’m looking to finish this project as quickly as possible. If you are not able to complete this project in a short amount of time please do not apply for this position. If you have any questions or would like more details, post here or add me on Discord at Rob#6363. I will respond when this position has been filled.

I’ve done vehicle physics before and I’ll do it again. Most notably, I’ve done cars and planes (Source: My active places and I’m an ex-ROBLOX intern for the physics team) but I can do helicopters too.

I’m also decent at designing UI. It’s best if you already have a mock-up of what you generally want to go for, but I’m willing to do that too.

Position has been filled :slight_smile:

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