[HIRING] Video Editor


I am currently looking to hire a video edtor for my youtube channel with 6500 subscribers. Growing with 500-1000 subscribers per week.

The videos are primarily gameplay centered around my Roblox groups with roughly 1,000,000 members.

Payment can be discussed privately, please add me on discord and reply down below when you’ve added me with your tag. It’s important that you do this.


  • Video Editing Experience
  • Able to edit 4 videos per week
  • Flexibility, some of my videos are funny, others are more serious
  • Got a portfolio

If you are interested: Vikinglaw#8061


Messaged you on discord Umpire#8048

(lacking portfolio but I think I have what it takes)

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Sent you a friend request, I have 3+ years of video editing experience. My user is and#1000.

Add me back on discord SamRBX#7330

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Dmed you on discord


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Hey, Im interessed can you add me on discord my name is : pushy151 # 9643

Thanks To have read :grinning:

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I’ll be in touch with everyone that commented shortly!


I added you, kek#4968 (30 characters)

Might be late to this, I’ve added you on discord @ MeatyBuns#1176

I’m pretty new to editing This would be a grate opportunity for me to improve as time moves on Contact me on discord: Almond#3071

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What is your YouTube channel? How will I send you the finished video, would WeTransfer be alright?

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