[HIRING] Voice Actor Needed (Male) 15,000 RB

Hiring Voice Actors for Game!

About Us

Hello! My name is CreepySins, I own an SCP Foundation which is soaring at around 27,000 members. The SCP Foundation is a fictional writing group online in a “wiki” style website. They write about “monsters” or “aliens” that are called SCPs which basically create a threat towards society, and ahve different properties that make them “not normal”.

Currently, our team is pretty small since this is a small project. Our team is made of:
@x3fklazomaniac (non dev-forum user).

About the Job

Considering accepting this job? Well here is what you will be required to do:

  • Create several alarms that would play that are similar to an intercom system on the game “Pinewood Computer Core” for reference. You will most likely be creating around 5-7 scripted audios.

  • Edit the audio to sound like it is coming out of an intercom, and have a “connection ping” sound that would play to inform an announcement incoming.

  • Ensure that they are of the highest quality (i.e. No “pops”, cracks, or background noise in the mic.)

  • Be communicative with me to ensure you don’t have to “start-over” or anything along those lines from a miscommunication.


Payment will only be completed through a group payout of robux. The current payment is: 15,000 ROBUX. This payment is negotiable depending on quality.

Contact Me

If you are interested in this job you can reach me:

Through twitter: @CreepySins and/or direct messages through the developer forums.

Thank you for reading, have a wonderful day!


Hey, I messaged you over the devforum several days ago and still haven’t gotten a response.

This is a great opportunity.

Is it optional to opt in to Voice Acting only, if you don’t know how to edit audio?

Also, what is your age average for this project?

Hey yes! I’m currently talking with someone and don’t generally check DMs that much! I will take a look at them if this developer doesn’t get the task done!

Alright, thanks

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