Hiring WW2 Era Germany D-Day

Hiring WW2 Germany

About Us

Hello, I’m Fallen. I’m currently preparing for a Winter themed December WW2 Germany. We’ll be creating a “D-day” map. In the past year, I’ve made roughly 250,000 ROBUX from my projects. Nothing huge, just a humble sum. This one I’m doing currently I’m planning to be very unique than any other in the “WW2 genre”. I’ll give you a little explanation. If someone chooses to join the “Army” then they’ll start at the rank of Private. We currently have a Quest UI that basically has them complete a set of tasks, i.e. remain 10 minutes at the border, kill a raider, etc. This basically is automated as possible, think of it as “Military Simulator”.

About The Job

Currently, we’re looking for an experienced Modeler, Scripter (who can work with UIs and copy a current design), and Builder. To be lead content designers for our map(s).
List of open positions
Scripter, Modeler, Builder, Scripter, Voice Actor, VFX (I’m looking for a fairly deep and nice tone)


We expect your best effort to bring forth all assets we ask for in a timely manner. We expect all assets to resemble your best effort and work. Failure to comply with our standards will result in your immediate termination.


We are paying either upon completion payments or percentages
Payment will vary depending on the set skill.

Contact Us

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum or via Discord William Drury#2365


Ui Designer who can also script: [OPEN] Interface Designer for hire!

Interested in the builder position. My discord tag is Laemmle#8800. Here is my portfolio.

UI Designer, sent a request. I am General Kenobi#5246.

Hey, I am interested in the Scripting position. I sent you a friend request on Discord. name#8774


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