His Majesty's Armed Forces 1940s - Game Rules

Game Rules

  • RAF/RAFP Personnel may enter the Airfield and ONLY them.

    • Regular MP may enter if no RAFP are available
  • RN/RNP Personnel may enter the Dock, RN HQ and Barracks and ONLY them. (Regular MP may enter if no RNP are available)

  • MP are the only personnel allowed to go beyond the gate.

  • Entering retracted vehicles is now a crime and you WILL be punished. (You MUST have a drivers license to drive and you MUST have been authorized to drive certain vehicles. This goes for Aircraft too, if you haven’t went through the training, no exceptions.)

  • Admin Abuse is not a allowed for anyone, certain commands like :fling, :explode and :nuke are strictly not allowed, if caught using them it will result in a punishment.

This goes for EVERYONE, nobody is exempt from these.